Visionaries at the LCB Depot

Visionaries at the LCB Depot

The Visionaries exhibition is now over but it’s a great opportunity to look back at what an amazing opportunity it was for my first group show. The timing was perfect to show off our second year work off in and end of year celebration! Students from De Montfort University second year Photography and Video all coming together to showcase their work and surprisingly there was a common theme running throughout everyones work that brought it all together.

The opening night was AMAZING! All of our advertising paid off and gave us such a great turn out of friends, family and art enthusiasts all talking, asking questions and enjoying the evening together. It was so much better than any of us could have expected for our first show.

The video below filmed by myself,  shows the highlights from the opening night and build of the exhibition.


The whole experience of the exhibition allowed us to see other photographers work on the course and really engage with each other. There were so many works of art inspired by personal emotional experiences which I would never of known unless I saw the work. It was very emotional there were some tears and there was laughter and it was a great experience to learn about each other.

If you want to hear more about the ideas behind the work from the artists, this video is an interview with myself and two other photographers from the show,  Anna Valente and Victoria Alice Hamblin Warren with G Sian, Cultural Change Maker.

We know the exhibition is over sadly, but we thought we would share this interview with three of the artists about the exhibition and their ideas and approach to creating the work with G Sian Cultural Change Maker #ACEFunded Thank you again to everyone for their coming to the show and the level comments we received.

Posted by Kirsty Blackwell Photography on Monday, 28 May 2018


This exhibition as a whole has been a great experience in putting a show up and gets us ready for our degree show next year and future exhibitions we may have.

Below is my series of six images I showed on the wall mixing the old and new images of my home and linked with memories, all linked to my anxieties of leaving home when I left for Uni and reflecting on them now.