Get to Know Me and My Horse

January 26, 2021

I don’t need a national day to be able to sit and tell you about my horse because I can do that all day long, but its national love your pet day so I thought why not take this opportunity to introduce you all properly to Chico.

This is (Cheeky) Chico, he is a 28 year old welsh cob.

He got his name Chico before I met him, when he was younger i’m told he was incredibly cheeky, causing trouble and always looking for food that the name seemed very fitting! Honestly I don’t think much has changed now, I have to shut all stables and gates otherwise he will steal the others hay nets and food bowls, and lock with chains as he has worked out how to undo bolts!


I have been lucky enough to have Chico in my life for 10 years now, he was offered to me as a weekly hack because his owners didn’t ride and there were too many horses on the yard at the time, that he wasn’t being exercised. My 11 year old self jumped at the opportunity, I was very lucky that my parents drove me to the farm which was a 30 minute journey away and as they say I’ve never looked back!


As soon as I passed my driving test I had the freedom to see him whenever I liked and ride more often. We are very lucky that we have lots of great open countryside to ride through on our hacks, it’s so peaceful we normally only ever see a few birds of prey or deer! He still thoroughly enjoys his work even at 28, he has never once shown his age I’m sure he still thinks he is 12!


I feel incredibly lucky to have him in my life, its every little girls dream to have a horse of their own and I’ve come close enough! I only wish it would last forever.


Chico is the exact reason I started photography and now it has transformed into my business. I took a lot of photos of him which I enjoyed and then started going to 3 day events as a spectator and loved taking my camera along, that it sparked a real passion to want to continue.


These professional photos my good friend Amy took for me are the best thing I had done. They are printed on my wall and bring me so much joy because they will always be there even when he is not. I want my customers to feel exactly like me, to treasure their photos from their shoot.

Its quite simple, I absolutely love Chico to pieces and can never quite explain how I feel about him so here is my favourite quote.

“There is no other feeling in the world to compare with it, if one loves a great horse, it gives a thrill that nothing else ever can, it cannot be put into words because words cannot express it”

If you would like to book in a photoshoot with your furry friend please do get in contact or browse some of my previous work here.


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